FIBRWRAP Nederland B.V.

Fibrwrap Nederland: Repair of 60’’ PCCP pipeline of City of Phoenix, Phoenix, USA

Market Sector: Pipelines and Liquid Storage Structures

Technologie: Fyfe Europe

Land: VS

Repair of 60’’ PCCP pipeline of City of Phoenix, Phoenix, USA

Project: City of Phoenix
Location: Phoenix, USA
Client: City of Phoenix
Contract Duration: 2 weeks

Scope of Works:
• Repair of 22 sections of 60” PCCP pipeline


Project Description:
The City of Phoenix has used Fibrwrap® for the fully structural rehabilitation of large diameter 60-inch through 96-inch Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) during annual outages since 2004. Fibrwrap® Construction has supplied engineering, materials, and manpower to renew more than forty sections of PCCP, ranging in segment sizes of 20ft to 24ft. Average pressures in the transmission lines were 125 psi.
In 2007, Fibrwrap® Construction was contracted to perform an unscheduled repair of 22 sections of 60-inch PCCP over the Christmas holiday. Due to the high demand of the water mains and the short time frame permitted to complete the work, scheduling demands were very tight. In several instances, crews were required to perform the operations at a distance from the access point further than they had ever attempted before.
On all occasions, the projects were completed on time, or ahead of schedule

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